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Reunite your family in a world shattered by chaos and war

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Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight

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What’s Pentaquin?

Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight is a 2D platformer that is currently in development.

Dive into the thrilling and extensive world of our indie game. Get enchanted by hand-drawn graphics and wonderful musical compositions.

  • Three different acts with 15 entertaining levels
  • 12 level bosses and three bosses at the ending of each act with unique abilities
  • Customizable skills with the help of hidden cards
  • A thrilling storyline with thoughtful twists
  • Enchanting musical themes tailored for each area

Pentaquin will be available via download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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The world is at the brink of chaos

The world of Pentaquin has changed. The Shaper shattered his mind into five different aspects and thus sealed away the power source of all magic and technology.

Nothing is like it used to be. In the shadows of twilight mage cults emerge from newly founded factions and civil wars plague the land.

The Gameplay

In Pentaquin, you take control of the protagonist and fight your way through three different acts. Each of them contains five different levels.
 At the end of each segment there is a powerful enemy that tests your skill. Each of the 15 bosses vary in their behaviour and force you to always adapt your strategy.

You can access the different areas of Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight via the world map. It is possible to complete the levels in no specific order and each of them can be played again.

Inside the levels you need to use unique and customizable skills to reach your goal.

Unpredictable enemies

Face the unpredictable threats that await in the shattered realm of Pentaquin. Ruthless thugs, forest elementals that were driven insane and fanatic heretics of the mage circle are just few examples of the numberous enemies that lurk in the world.

Additionally, at the end of each act, there are challenging boss fights that test your skill and cunning.

The world & story

Since the shattering of the maker’s mind, humanity is put to a dangerous test. The arcane power fades and thus the technologies powered by it start to fail. The people of the Terr’ozar become victims of a bloody civil war. Followers of the aspect gods start to spread their views and traditions out into the world. Many humans just try to overcome the harsh times.

In Pentaquin – Deeds of Twilight, you take control over the son of a fanatical mage that is a member of the circle of light. This organization has the goal to free humanity of anything that could supress them in any way. The protagonist’s sister wants to continue her father’s duty and also sets herself the goal to free humanity, wether they want it or not. She departs and tries to purge the world with force of arms.

To save his family from the death of another member, the protagonist departs. He follows the path of destruction that his sister leaves in her wake.

A dangerous evolution

Five self-sufficient aspects formed themselves in the mind of the Shaper that all follow different paths for the order of the world. They begin to torture the Shaper’s mind. In the danger of being driven to insanity, the Shaper shatters his soul into five new gods emerging from the aspects.

From now on, his aspects no longer threaten the Shaper’s mind, but the world and all its inhabitants are possible victims. The newly emerged gods try to gather followers around them. Cultists create mage circles and start to terrorize people who follow no gods or have a different way of thinking. In addition to that, once controllable elementals start to rage and also become a threat to the world.

A new world awaits you

Explore the Pentaquin universe in three acts with individual areas. All of them feature special features and threats. Every level is handmade and is set in a different environment.

Master your skills

In the shattering world of Pentaquin, you can only survive if you use your skills wisely. The arcana power gets weaker. You need to adapt to the new circumstances and learn new spells to fight against evil.

Enhance your spells via hidden cards to make them even more valuable in battles.

A family tragic

As a result of the shattering, even family becomes a battlefield of grief and anger. The father died while the mother mourns and is a victim of her depressions. The daughter joins the fanatical circle of light and tries to bring her alleged purity to the world.

You have to find her and cleanse her mind of the fanatical thoughts to reunite your family.

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