Our game-developer team 'Terovania' is a group of young people that got together to pursue a collective dream: to develop their own video game.

We are not educated video game developers but mostly students who invest their freetime to work on Pentaquin. Our members are distributed over all of Germany and Austria, which is why the communication is very important in our team. Thanks to the internet we can very well keep in touch with each other despite the distance between everyone of us. We stay in contact all the time and communicate on a regular basis.

Christian Schaal

Managing Director – Faculties Marketing & Personal | 24 years

A warmly 'Hello'! I am one of the founders of Terovania GbR (the developers of Pentaquin) and founder of the project - the initial idea originates from me. I promote the development of the project for several years now and I work for it in every available second with lots of passion and lifeblood. Besides all organisational tasks as the manager I lead the website and the Marketing&PR-department as well.

Apart from Pentaquin I am management assistant for marketing communication in apprenticeship at the Digital-Agency 'SYZYGY of Frankfurt and contribute to my fathers family business 'Auto Schaal'.


Pascal Reintjens

Managing Director - Faculties Infrastructure & Finances | 24 years

I am Pascal Reintjens, and the other manager of Terovania GbR. Having the role of a Managing Director I am responsible for the infrastructure and sourcing of the Pentaquin-project. Since January 2013 I'm with the team.

Besides Pentaquin I study informatics and physics for teaching and live in Langenfeld in North Rhine-Westfalia.



Michael Siering

Project-Manager & Game-Designer | 26 years

I am Micheal and since March 2016 in the Pentaquin team! My comet-like rise from Content-contributor to leader of the Content-team led up to the Pentaquin project leader.
Hence I am responsible for successful planning, production and release of our game!

Besides Pentaquin I study business informatics in Stuttgart – what resulted in moving out of Augsburg a couple of months ago. Football and strength training complement my everyday life.


Florian Latifi

Server Administrator | 25 years

My name is Florian, I am 25 years old and I am from Linz, Austria. At the moment I study informatics at the JKU Linz. There I work secondarily as a Researcher at the institute for System Software.

Since summer 2012 I am part of the Pentaquin team, where I started as a programmer. But my area of activity shifted with time going by. Now I administrate the infrastructure of the project.

Feel free to visit my website as well.

Renè Grastat

Technical Director & Software Developer | 23 years

I'm Rene and 23 years old.

At the moment I study media informatics at the Düsseldorf university and since September 2016 I am programmer at Pentaquin. First I was responsible for the engine of the planned Pentaquin-MMORPG. Now I take responsibility for the software architecture and code quality in my position as the Technical Director.



Daniel Siebiesiuk

Level-Designer | 28 years

Hi, I am Daniel and at the same time reinforcement for the Content-team.

As I have always had big interest in video games it is now time to set hand and to develop.

When I am not working for the Pentaquin Leveldesign I also take care for other projects such as Uninstall Wizards and Heldendumm Podcast.

Sometimes I also get lost geocaching or on Twitter.

Paul Funk

Art Director & GameArtist | 23 years

Since 2015 I am at the forefront at Pentaquin and lead the Graphics-team since 2016. Here I deal with the Ingame graphics as well as Concept Art and Character-Design. Apart from that I try to contribute to the Content-team as well.

Besides Pentaquin I study architecture.


Tatjana Strauch

GameArtist | 23 years

Hello! My name is Tatjana, I am 23 years old and I am from the green Sauerland.

At Pentaquin I'm still a newbie – I with the team since 2018. Since I can think my heart beats for everything artistic – I love both analog and digital art. Pentaquin is not the first game I've worked for – I studied game art und am now glad to do what I love, with a friendly team.

Feel free to visit my ArtStation profile.



Christian Rüschoff

Audio Director & Sound Artist | 26 years

Hey hey, I am Christian and since end of September 2016 member at Pentaquin. Together with Lars I work in the audio department as a composer. As Audio Director I am also responsible for the musical style in Pentaquin.

I am now throwing notes into the sequencer for about 10 years and with a bit of luck, it throws out some music. My main focus is on orchestral music that can sometimes run in the Epic Trailer & Hybrid direction.


Lars Grages

Sound Artist | 17 years

Hi! I'm Lars and since autumn of 2016 Soundartist for Pentaquin. That means that my areas of responsibility are the creation of SFX as well as composing and producing Ingame music. Apart from that I take care of the content of our Pentaquin-SoundCloud-Profile.

I make music personally as well but then more atmospheric mixtures of different styles.

At the moment I am still go to high school, after my A-levels I'd like to do something with music/sound as well.